Agricultural finance

Source: Bureau of Agricultural Finance, Council of Agriculture INTRODUCTION Agriculture is the foundation of national development. Capital is one of the key successful factors to secure multiple value in food safety, eco-system and cultural...
INTRODUCTION Government budgets are divided into subsidies and loans in terms of project support schemes. In addition, they are also divided into central government and local government budgets, each of which has general and special accounting. The special account is a budget scheme that does...
Country: Korea Topic: Agricultural finance
INTRODUCTION The CPC Central Committee’s Document No.1 asked to improve rural financial services,increase national support and guidance to rural financial reform,increase commercial financial support to farmers,and give full play to the role of policy and cooperation finance,and to ensure...
Country: China Topic: Agricultural finance
Introduction The Japanese tax system employs a general indirect tax known as the Consumption Tax (CT). Currently, a CT of 8% is charged in the sale of all commodities and services. However, the CT rate is scheduled to increase to 10% in April 1, 2017. Citizens are not expected to favor this...
Country: Japan Topic: Agricultural finance
INTRODUCTION Agricultural finance is an important part of the Chinese financial system, which supports and serves the development of agriculture issues, farmers and the rural area. In recent years, Agricultural finance in China has improved a lot, developing a diversified and perfect financial...
Country: China Topic: Agricultural finance