Smart agriculture

ABSTRACT In recent years, smart agriculture has been promoted as a means of reducing wastes in rice farming in Japan, departing from conventional farming methods. We focus on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)—Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies that could bring innovation to the rice farming...
Country: Japan Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Thailand is known worldwide as one of the major producers of agricultural products. Agricultural activities provide developing countries with food and revenue. In 2021, the Thai government introduced the Bio-Circular-Green Economic or BCG Model to move Thailand’s economic development...
Country: Thailand Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Technological change has been acknowledged as a principal driver of productivity growth. It underscores the need for innovation and proactive changes to sustainably develop an economy, though the pace and direction of change will be determined by the emerging challenges and...
ABSTRACT Korea's agriculture has rapidly developed into smart agriculture incorporating advanced digital technology. Recently, with the emphasis on the consumption sector, it is important for agricultural product producers to develop and produce varieties with superior quality and safety in...
Country: Korea Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT In response to climate change, Taiwan’s government has formulated various intelligent measures to those affected industries and businesses. For the agriculture sector, the measures include remote process control combined with sensors, internet, and IoT, and the farmers can remotely...