ABSTRACT Some Singaporean crab breeders specialized in boxed drawer crab rearing were trained in a workshop founded by a boxed crab-rearing hobbyist/enthusiast. They turned their interests into individual food self-reliance ventures while keeping in touch with a growing community of restaurants...
Country: Singapore Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT The Isahaya Bay Land Reclamation Project in Nagasaki Prefecture has been Japan’s largest public farmland investment project for 40 years. This project comprises three elements: (1) constructing a 7-kilometer-long sea dyke at the mouth of Ishaya Bay and desalting its inner water by...
Country: Japan Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT The Japanese rice fish, also known as medaka, is increasing in popularity as ornamental fish. The mutant breeding of new varieties of non-wild medaka is booming among medaka lovers. However, there is no generally accepted framework for labeling non-wild medaka varieties, which causes...
Country: Japan Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT Some major Singaporean koi breeders specialized in koi dealing (i.e. the mono-culture koi farms) were all founded by hobbyists. They turned their interests into money-making ventures while keeping in touch with the koi-collecting community, global distributors and even Japanese breeders...
Country: Singapore Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT In the 1940s, Singapore was a major center of research and experimentation for tilapia breeding and its ponds yielded promise for meeting food requirements. Tilapia was first brought into Singapore by the Japanese community during World War II and, when the tide of World War II turned...
Country: Singapore Topic: Fisheries