ABSTRACT In the 1940s, Singapore was a major center of research and experimentation for tilapia breeding and its ponds yielded promise for meeting food requirements. Tilapia was first brought into Singapore by the Japanese community during World War II and, when the tide of World War II turned...
Country: Singapore Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT From the 1970 to the 1990s, Singapore's ornamental fish industry organically expanded and some fish farms like Qian Hu perfected the method of oxygenating delivery bags of fishes for overseas customers. The authorities also carried out water quality regulatory interventions, tightened...
Country: Singapore Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT Shrimp farming has been one of the major suppliers in the global agri-food system. The rapid growth of marine shrimp farming had led to the innovation and intensive farming system causing negative social and environmental impacts. Thailand has been for many years the leading world...
Country: Thailand Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT With more plastics in the oceans than fishes in the future, this dire prediction has highlighted the destruction of nature by the marine fishing industry. Yet, human demand for such marine products is insatiable and continues to grow. With the emergence of large developing economies and...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT Japan’s Fisheries Act was established in 1949 under the leadership of the General Headquarters of the Allied Forces. This Act presents an effective framework for mediating conflicts between fishermen in coastal fisheries in the early post-Pacific War period. However, it has become...
Country: Japan Topic: Fisheries