INTRODUCTION What is closed fishing season policy? Fishing regulation is a globally recognized conservation measures for fisheries resources preservation particularly in controlling overfishing and protecting the species during the spawning season (FAO, 1997; Sadovy et al., 2005; Arendse et...
Country: Philippines Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT Effective fishery policies invariably trace their roots from science-based assessment of the issues involved. Such assessment is characterized by a systematic process of problem identification, empirical examination of alternative solutions and a decision criterion designed to achieve the...
Country: Philippines Topic: Fisheries
INTRODUCTION The Philippines, a nation of more than 7, 100 islands, is considered a marine sanctuary that teems with more than 3000 species of fish, rich corals and other sea creatures. With one of the world’s longest coastlines, the country has vast area of fishing ground that serves as huge...
Country: Philippines Topic: Fisheries
On March 8, 2013, the State Council published Several Advices on Promoting Marine Sustainable and Healthy Development. It is the first time that a state-level marine fishery development document, and the second time that a comprehensive fishery document since CPC and the State Council published...
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After several rounds of negotiations in the past two years, Taiwan and the Philippines concluded the Agreement Concerning the Facilitation of Cooperation on Law Enforcement in Fisheries Matters on November 5, 2015. The pact was signed in Taipei by Representative Gary Song-huann Lin of the Taipei...
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