ABSTRACT With more plastics in the oceans than fishes in the future, this dire prediction has highlighted the destruction of nature by the marine fishing industry. Yet, human demand for such marine products is insatiable and continues to grow. With the emergence of large developing economies and...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT Japan’s Fisheries Act was established in 1949 under the leadership of the General Headquarters of the Allied Forces. This Act presents an effective framework for mediating conflicts between fishermen in coastal fisheries in the early post-Pacific War period. However, it has become...
Country: Japan Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT Oyster farming in Miyagi Prefecture was negatively impacted due to the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011. Two months after the earthquake, the governor of Miyagi Prefecture, Yasuhiro Murai, announced a novel idea for the special zone as part of the reconstruction plan, in which...
Country: Japan Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT The Fisheries Act stipulates the basic framework of Japan’s fishery policy. According to the types of rules and regulations on fishing activities, the Fisheries Act has three categories for types of fishing: Kyoka Gyogyo (“licensed fishery”); Gyogyo-ken Gyogyo (“fishing-right-based...
Country: Japan Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT The world ocean faces significant ecological damage from climate change, overfishing, and land based pollution. Sustainable Development Goal 14, Life Under Water, seeks to address many of these impacts and creates a framework for unified action. Global development goals leverage the...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Fisheries