Food security and safety

ABSTRACT In Vietnam, at present, the area for dragon fruit (DF-pitaya) is about 45,450 ha with a total production of 587,968 tons and the average DF area per household is 0.5- 1 ha. Unfortunately, producers of DF have seen prices of fruits decline since the product mainly are sold to local...
ABSTRACT Food security in different regions and states of the country may vary from each other based on their economic development activities, social network, infrastructure development, how it is seen on the development of the regions and states, how budget is allocated to utilize for the...
INTRODUCTION Chili (Capsicum annuum L) and shallot (Allium ascalonicum L)are two strategic horticultural commodities that affect the Indonesian economy as their uncontrollable prices could influence the national inflation rate.  The unpredictable climate change could, to some extent,...
INTRODUCTION The Indonesian government has continually pursued efforts to stabilize food prices for the sovereignty of Indonesian food through a policy written by the Ministry of Agriculture. In 2017, the Rice Market Operation began to be regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture’s Regulation No...
This leaflet introduces you “The management package for agricultural production (GAP)”, which has increasingly attracted to agricultural industries. To begin with, please answer the following questions: Q1 (food safety): What happens to your farm if the products shipped from your farm...