Food security and safety

Introduction As a part of Self-Sufficiency policy, the Government of Indonesia has declared to develop and rehabilitate irrigation infrastructure massively during the period of 2015-2019.  In addition to physical infrastructure development, the improvement of the management system is also...
INTRODUCTION After the EU fipronil scandal on 11th of August 2017, the Council of Agriculture (COA) started to collect eggs from all layer farms on 19th of August. 3% of 1451 farms are contaminated with fipronil. 1.57 million eggs are destroyed or used as fertilizers. Taiwan’s eggs market...
Introduction Indonesia is a large country in terms of population and geography and has the potential to become a food supplier for the world in the coming decades. Just recently, Indonesia’s Minister of Agriculture urged his government to promote the food program in the country to the World Food...
Source: Council of Agriculture ( According to the “Agricultural Product and Verification Act”, the Council of Agriculture (COA) has been promoting the Traceable Agricultural Products (TAP) system since 2007. The tracing system was set to promote...
INTRODUCTION Wasted food is a considerable component of the world’s food system challenges. Food waste can be described as all edible food materials produced for human consumption but left uneaten, either lost or discarded throughout the food supply chain, from farm to fork. It is organic...