Food security and safety

INTRODUCTION After participating in the WTO, agricultural products in Vietnam must meet the increasingly stricter commodity standards of importing countries. At the same time, safe food production and trading are an imperative requirement and also a concern of consumers and the whole community....
ABSTRACT There are many food safety hazards that exist that make it difficult for experts to manage them perfectly. However, there are systematic methods of minimizing the occurrence of risks. One method is the third-party certification systems for food safety. This paper studies how the idea...
ABSTRACT Korean GAP certification system plays an important role in the consumer-friendly and eco-friendly development of Korean agriculture. It was established in 2006. Since then the number of certified farms has been continuously increased. In 2017, it exceeded 86,000, which is approximately 8....
ABSTRACT "Traceability/Good Agricultural Product", better known as TAP system, is the traceability system of agricultural products in Taiwan. It mandates participants to record all stages of production, processing, distribution and sales, and make it public once the product is certified...
ABSTRACT   Globally, one person in three is malnourished. The coexistence of undernutrition with overweight and obesity, and micronutrient deficiencies clearly indicates that current food systems are failing people’s health. More than half of the world’s malnourished children live in Asia and the...