Food security and safety

ABSTRACT To achieve sustainable food and nutrition security, the government of Indonesia has set up a national policy which states that the main source of food to meet consumption needs should be from domestic production. This policy has been implemented through food production program with high...
ABSTRACT In the Asia Pacific region, Indonesia is the second largest agrarian based developing country after China. Indonesian agricultural production can meet domestic and even foreign food needs. In broad areas of agriculture and climate, Indonesia has great potential to produce food and even...
MALNUTRITION STATUS OF MYANMAR In the 2018 Global Hunger Index[1], Myanmar stands at rank 68th out of 119 qualifying countries. With a score of 20.1, Myanmar suffers from a level of hunger that is serious although its score improved from 44.4 in 2000 to 20.1 in 2018.  Global Hunger Index...
INTRODUCTION After participating in the WTO, agricultural products in Vietnam must meet the increasingly stricter commodity standards of importing countries. At the same time, safe food production and trading are an imperative requirement and also a concern of consumers and the whole community....
ABSTRACT There are many food safety hazards that exist that make it difficult for experts to manage them perfectly. However, there are systematic methods of minimizing the occurrence of risks. One method is the third-party certification systems for food safety. This paper studies how the idea...