Food security and safety

Source: Council of Agriculture (COA) The Rice is the major staple food in Taiwan. Around 1.31 million metric tons of rice are produced per year, enough to sufficiently supply domestic food consumption. Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture (COA) regularly buys the public grains from rice farmers...
INTRODUCTION Climate change is caused by global warming. It refers to the average increase in global temperature, and has become a megatrend that will lead to significant changes in future society. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) offers up substantial scientific evidence...
Source: Council of Agriculture (COA) Because of the rising concerns on food sources and safety, consumers start to look more carefully about the meat farms, feeding environment, hygiene, and meat quality. On the other hand, the aggressive participation of regional free trade agreement, like TPP,...
Source: Council of Agriculture The Taiwan-Peru-New Zealand joint hosting of the 2016 APEC Conference on Minimizing Retailer and Consumer Food Losses and Wastes on September 22 has raised a high attention among APEC member countries. The successful close of this conference will propose several...
INTRODUCTION The Food Law No.18/2012 emphasizes that the state has an obligation to secure the availability and access, to adequate, balanced, safe, and nutritious food consumption at the national, regional, and individual levels in all regions of the country by utilizing local resources,...