Food security and safety

Introduction Gene recombination technology has generated both expectation and anxiety among its many followers. On the one hand, this new technology demonstrates a potential for increasing agricultural productivity. On the other hand, it enhances the risk of damaging the natural environment and...
Source: Council of Agriculture (COA), Executive Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan) (This is a translated article from the original Chinese news release which can be accessed on COA website) The greenhouse gas emissions of the agricultural sector in Taiwan have been declining yearly since 1990. The details of...
Introduction As known to us, potatoes are vegetables. However, potatoes can also fill our belly without other foods. Hence, more and more people see potatoes as one kind of food. In response to this trend, China recently planned to launch a potato staple strategy so that the crop could become the...
Varietal development has been a mandate of MARDI since the 1970s and until today a total of 44 varieties have been released for planting in the granary areas. The breeding objectives varied in accordance to the needs of the different era. In the 1970s Malaysia started to implement the double-...
Introduction Postharvest losses (PHL) of paddy can be defined as losses that occur due to spills, human negligence and incompetence during postharvest handling operations. Losses include improper machine settings during combined harvesting, mishandling during transportation inefficient...