Hoang Thanh Tung

Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences
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Research Officer

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ABSTRACT Food safety management is a major concern of Vietnam to protect the health of consumers. This study was conducted to assess the current status and propose the “single window - single agency” solutions for state management of food safety in the pork value chain in Ho Chi Minh City. The...
ABSTRACT Vietnam has become a middle-income country with diversified consumption structure and many challenges in food security. This study aims to identify food consumption trends and point out some policy implications for controlling food security in Vietnam. The study uses a 12-year series of...
ABSTRACT Vietnamese labor has experienced a sharp transition in recent years, especially in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. In the agricultural and rural areas, labor tends to shift to higher value-added sectors. This transition led to an accelerating decline in the share of...
INTRODUCTION Vietnam's agriculture develops comprehensively, and it is shifting towards producing commodities with increasing productivity and quality, developing industries and products with competitive advantages, and ensuring national food and nutrition security. The development of...