Import regulation and quarantine

ABSTRACT The first African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in China was reported on August 3, 2018. The epidemic has been reported in 14 countries across Asia, and only Taiwan and Japan have not reported the outbreak in East Asia. Although ASF does not infect humans, its virus can infect pigs of all...
INTRODUCTION Vietnam's agriculture develops comprehensively, and it is shifting towards producing commodities with increasing productivity and quality, developing industries and products with competitive advantages, and ensuring national food and nutrition security. The development of...
ABSTRACT Japan has a unique (and complicated) pork import tariff system, called the gate price system. Under this system, importers can minimize their tariff payments by combining high-price (and high-quality) pork with low-price (and low-quality) pork to set the CIF price at 524 yen per...
ABSTRACT Reference prices at the farm level for several strategic commodities issued by the Ministry of Trade are generally higher than fair prices to obtain reasonable profits (20-30% of total farming cost). For maize, soybean, and sugar, the reference price is around 2.28%; 14.34%; and 13.40%...
ABSTRACT Myanmar has the potential to increase its rice production, quality and exports. The rice industry remains the most important contributor to GDP, income and employment generation. Rice is grown in 34% of the the country’s total cultivated area in 2016. The labor engagement rate of...