ABSTRACT Precision agriculture for rice cultivation has been applied in the targeted areas. By using technology or innovations that were invented by the government, the private sector or farmers have developed for rice cultivation. The use of PA in the cultivation of rice farmers depends on...
Country: Thailand Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT With the emergence of digital channels and growing e-commerce across industries in Thailand, the e-commerce for the agricultural sector has gradually emerged. Digital platforms can enable farmers to overcome agricultural problems throughout the value chain from upstream to downstream....
ABSTRACT In Thailand, agriculture is a key social activity and operate by 5.911 million small farms using 18.7 million ha and covers approximately 30% of land resources with diverse biotic and abiotic ecosystems.  However, with demands for food security with environmentally friendly...
Country: Thailand Topic: Smart agriculture
INTRODUCTION In Thailand, the agricultural sector contributes only 8% to the national GDP. Despite this fact, agriculture still plays a vital role in Thailand. First, as a major source of food supply for the Thai people and for the world and second, as a major source of employment. In 2018, the...
ABSTRACT Agricultural biotechnology has played a significant role in productivity improvement and has potentials in coping with rising food demand and more intense impacts from climate change. Several countries in Asia have embraced modern agricultural biotechnology such as genetic engineering,...