ABSTRACT Colored rice is considered a specialty rice and the market is still very small compared to normal white rice. The price of colored rice is generally set much higher than normal rice as the supply is limited while the demand for it is growing as consumers become more aware of its health...
Country: Thailand Topic: Production policy
ABSTRACT Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are being applied to improve livestock production. Artificial neural networks (ANN) are a computational model, which is based on the biological neuron of human brain to respond to optimal estimated value. The ANN are also a set of...
Country: Thailand Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Dragon fruit farming in Thailand has been increasing rapidly in the past few years due to growing conditions, productivity, high demand, and with good returns. The plant establishes well in wide range atmosphere from north to south of the country in various elevations from 100 to 800...
ABSTRACT Thailand is one of the tropical countries that can grow dragon fruit being both an exporter and importer of the fruit depending on months of the year.  Most dragon fruit production in Thailand can be harvested from natural season production (April to October). However, for the off-...
Country: Thailand Topic: Production policy
INTRODUCTION After the student uprising in 1973 which brought about democratic movements, Thai agricultural policy has shifted from urban-biased policy which aimed at keeping the rice price at low level to support the consumers and workers’ cost of living for industrialization, to producer...