INTRODUCTION Rubber was cultivated in Thailand since the 1990s. Thailand became the top producer and exporter of natural rubber in the world since that time. This is because the climatic condition is favorable for rubber cultivation in the country. Additionally, effective and innovative...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agribusiness
Introduction Thailand has a favorable weather condition and productive land for the cultivation of tropical and sub-tropical fruits (Zang, 2017). Therefore, it is famous for its tropical fruits that are tasty, flavorful and of good quality such as durian, mangosteen and rambutan (Anupunt, 2017)....
Country: Thailand Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT Hom Mali rice or Jasmine rice from Thailand has been reputable for its strong aroma and soft texture, and perceived as high quality in the world market. With increasing demand for high quality products from rice consuming countries, the competition for Hom Mali rice has been escalating...
Introduction Cassava plays a major role in Thailand’s economy and agriculture since 1970s although it is not considered a staple food. It is recognized as the third most important crop of the country in terms of economic agricultural product. It is mainly grown as a cash crop through the...
Country: Thailand Topic: Production policy
Introduction Agriculture is the main economy of Thailand. About 46.6% of the total population relies on the agriculture sector for their livelihood. Crop production plays an important role as one part of agriculture. In Thailand’s gross agricultural output the contribution of  the...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agribusiness