ABSTRACT Thailand is, presently, ranked sixth in the world in terms of rice production and second in terms of rice export. The market share is about 20 %. Besides being a staple food for the Thai people, rice is also very important to the Thai economy. It shared about 15% of agricultural gross...
Rice Breeding and R&D Policies in Thailand[1] ABSTRACT Rice is unquestionably an important stable and economic crop in Asia. Rice from Thailand is well-recognized as a high quality agricultural product in the world market, and the quality is significantly influenced by traits of the rice...
INTRODUCITON In Thailand, there are mangrove forests along the coastal areas. They play a major role in the ecosystem. They also protects the coastal environment by reducing the erosion and the striking of heavy waves and strong winds along the coast (Pumijumnong, 2014). Moreover, mangrove forests...
ABSTRACT Highlanders in Thailand are diverse not only in ethnic origins but also in their endowment.Ecosystems, land, labor, capital, culture and experiences are sometimes very different, making highland development a daunting task.This paper highlights diversity among highland communities and...
Country: Thailand Topic: Rural development
INTRODUCTION Maize is an important agricultural product in Thailand which is being used for both food and feed industries (Poramacom, 2013). In the 2016-2017 crop year, the forecasted production of maize was 4.06 million tons from the forecasted planted area of 1.04 million hectares. The...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agribusiness