ABSTRACT Diets are shaped by food systems that determine population nutrition and are associated with population health outcomes. To improve food systems for healthier diets, effective policies and actions that address key determinants of the food systems are needed. This study aimed to...
Country: Thailand Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT In Upper Northern Thailand, most of native chicken farmers in rural areas are elderly. This paper provides an analysis of commercial viability of native chicken farming as an alternative for job opportunities among elder farmers in Phayao Province. Since all processes could not be...
Country: Thailand Topic: Rural development
ABSTRACT This study aims to mainly review the approaches, current state, and policies on Thai farmers' digital literacy, under the challenges in many aspects of farmers' digital literacy who operate on a small scale and lack skills and resources, and are facing aging and less educated in...
ABSTRACT This article reviews the Thai dairy industry in the perspective of its history, current situation, and the trend for its future development. The data from the Thai Milk Board is used to illustrate the industry situation in the past and present. The prospective viewpoint is depicted from...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Climate is a significant factor which affects the growth and yield of rice. The objective of this paper is to point out the trend of rice production system in Thailand and its related government policy to support rice production system for adaptation to climate change. In 2021, the rice...