Agricultural technology development

ABSTRACT Food delivery applications have grown rapidly in recent years, fueled by increasing consumer demand for convenience and prepared foods. Previous studies on what factors encourage consumers to use delivery platforms rely largely on survey data, likely due to the lack of availability of...
ABSTRACT Technology adoption helps farmers gain more benefits in comparison to conventional practices. “One Must Do, Five Reductions” has been introduced in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta for nearly a decade and recent concerns arise including farmers’ low income and socio-economic barriers to...
ABSTRACT This article discusses the application of modern mechanization technologies in Malaysia's four industries (paddy, pineapple, oil palm, and rubber). The application of modern mechanization technologies in the agriculture sector in Malaysia is moderate. Almost all farmers in these four...
ABSTRACT Nanotechnology has been explored for its potential in enhancing agricultural productivity and ensuring environmental sustainability. Nanofertilizers containing the macronutrients N, P and K were formulated, characterized and their production and application on selected agricultural...
ABSTRACT This study aims to mainly review the approaches, current state, and policies on Thai farmers' digital literacy, under the challenges in many aspects of farmers' digital literacy who operate on a small scale and lack skills and resources, and are facing aging and less educated in...