ABSTRACT Malaysia is one of the important countries for the world’s pineapple industry. In 2017, Malaysia was ranked number 19 as the top pineapple producing country, and number five as the top exporter of pineapples in the world. Every year Malaysia produces more than 350,000 Mt of pineapples....
ABSTRACT Agricultural biotechnology was considered a future technology for many nations, including Malaysia. This technology generates economic value and contributes significantly to the Gross National Products (GNP). The application of biotechnology in agriculture helps enhance the food...
ABSTRACT Food security, self-sufficiency level and pursuance of environmental stewardship have long been emphasized as the mainstay of Malaysia’s national agendas for development. Achieving all three essentials requires an agricultural sector that is robust to vagaries of nature and market....
Country: Malaysia Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT The livestock industry in Malaysia comprises of ruminants and non-ruminants. Currently, the ruminant sector which consists of beef and dairy cattle, dairy buffaloes, sheep, and goats are still raised in small-scale. The national level of meat production is still low at around 23%....
Country: Malaysia Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Dragon fruit or pitaya is a nutritious and exotic fruit that has gained a place in Malaysian fruit industry even though it was not native to this country. Dragon fruit can be harvested all-year round and it bears fruits after one year of planting. Potential yield of dragon fruit is...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Agriculture