INTRODUCTION World climate is always changing. There are many evidences showing that the climate has changed in the past and will continue to change. The causes of this phenomenon are believed to be due to both natural variations and human intervention. Specifically, there are three external...
Introduction Durian (Durio spp) or the “King of Fruits” is a seasonal fruit that is extensively grown in tropical regions, in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. It also grows in northern Australia, some South American countries and in Africa. Known for its distinctive...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT Demand for specialty rice among Malaysians shows an increasing trend in recent years.  The consumption of high quality rice has increased due to higher living standards and health reason.  To meet the demand, most of the quality rice was imported from various rice producing...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Agribusiness
INTRODUCTION The ASEAN stands for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It comprises ten countries that include Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. This association was formed in 1967, mainly out of concern for political...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Agribusiness
Introduction Agricultural Policy is a set of laws and procedures established by a government to achieve specific goals. Malaysian government established a series of National Agricultural Policies since 1984. There are three agricultural policies established by the government, namely National...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Overview