Ahmad Safuan Bujang

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ABSTRACT This work reports the development of a precision farming technology package by the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) and the willingness of Malaysian farmers to adopt to the technology.  Specifically, this work touches on the efforts to reduce...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Food security, self-sufficiency level and pursuance of environmental stewardship have long been emphasized as the mainstay of Malaysia’s national agendas for development. Achieving all three essentials requires an agricultural sector that is robust to vagaries of nature and market....
Country: Malaysia Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Malaysia’s recent national agendas are primed toward achieving triple-bottom line development, in-line with principles stipulated in the SDGs. Achieving this will require an agricultural sector that is robust, efficient and cost effective. Malaysia’s agricultural sector is...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT A delicate balance must be achieved between socio-economic development and protection of the environment. Under the SDG, a set of 17 goals were introduced to achieve this triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental objectives. Food production cannot continue in its “...