ABSTRACT Small and Medium enterprise (SME) is important to Malaysia’s economy. More than 900,000 SMEs were established in 2018, and the government aims to increase this to one million corporations by 2020. In order to increase the number of SMEs, the government creates many programs and...
ABSTRACT International trade is very important to every nation including Malaysia. This activity generates revenue, creates employments and brings technologies, especially when the country imports high-capital goods. Malaysia is a trading nation. Malaysia has been recognized as one of the 25...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT Tropical fruits are important to Malaysia as they are the source of income for farmers, source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers for humans and generate revenue from the trading activities. Tropical fruits are also important in terms of land use after oil palm, rubber and paddy....
Country: Malaysia Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Malaysia’s recent national agendas are primed toward achieving triple-bottom line development, in-line with principles stipulated in the SDGs. Achieving this will require an agricultural sector that is robust, efficient and cost effective. Malaysia’s agricultural sector is...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT   Herbs have been identified as a new source of economic growth for Malaysia since 2011. This is in tandem with higher demand for herbal products in the world markets. Malaysia is rich in flora and fauna that contain medicinal ingredients and health benefits. However, the herbal...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Agribusiness