Production policy

ABSTRACT Precision agriculture is increasingly becoming part of contemporary agriculture in smallholder farming systems in the developing world. It contributes to improving crop productivity and hence attainment of food security and improved income for the farmers, while reducing leakages to the...
Country: Others Topic: Production policy
ABSTRACT Thailand is ranked as the second-largest net exporter of sugar in the global market. The sugarcane and sugar industry in Thailand plays a major role in its economy in terms of job-creation for Thai citizens and international trade. Therefore, the Thai government has promoted this sector...
Country: Thailand Topic: Production policy
ABSTRACT Colored rice is considered a specialty rice and the market is still very small compared to normal white rice. The price of colored rice is generally set much higher than normal rice as the supply is limited while the demand for it is growing as consumers become more aware of its health...
Country: Thailand Topic: Production policy
INTRODUCTION Dragon fruit (Hylocereus spp.), a herbaceous perennial climbing cactus, widely  known as Red Pitaya, has recently drawn much attention among the Indian growers, not only because of its attractive red or pink color and economic value as fruit, but also valued for its high...
Country: India Topic: Production policy
ABSTRACT Dragon fruit or pitaya is a nutritious and exotic fruit that has gained a place in Malaysian fruit industry even though it was not native to this country. Dragon fruit can be harvested all-year round and it bears fruits after one year of planting. Potential yield of dragon fruit is...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Production policy