Production policy

ABSTRACT Agricultural production, land use and investment policies were reviewed in this paper rather than other three major economic policies related to natural rubber industry in Myanmar, which will be presented in the next paper. The focus was on the policy changes and support to natural...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Production policy
ABSTRACT The COVID-19 virus met Germany, like the rest of Europe relatively unprepared. With the rising number of infections, the government implemented a first round of lock-down starting from mid-March up to mid-May. Just shops selling food stuff could stay open, while all shops providing “non...
Country: Others Topic: Production policy
ABSTRACT The study determines the nutrient values, safety, and market acceptability of the flower of Blue Ternate (Clitoria ternatea L.) tea specifically by an identified and target tea user in terms of health and wellness benefits, nutritional values, hygiene and safety. This study used...
ABSTRACT Precision agriculture is increasingly becoming part of contemporary agriculture in smallholder farming systems in the developing world. It contributes to improving crop productivity and hence attainment of food security and improved income for the farmers, while reducing leakages to the...
Country: Others Topic: Production policy
ABSTRACT Thailand is ranked as the second-largest net exporter of sugar in the global market. The sugarcane and sugar industry in Thailand plays a major role in its economy in terms of job-creation for Thai citizens and international trade. Therefore, the Thai government has promoted this sector...
Country: Thailand Topic: Production policy