Yoshihisa Godo

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Introduction The Japanese tax system employs a general indirect tax known as the Consumption Tax (CT). Currently, a CT of 8% is charged in the sale of all commodities and services. However, the CT rate is scheduled to increase to 10% in April 1, 2017. Citizens are not expected to favor this...
Country: Japan Topic: Agricultural finance
INTRODUCTION The system of agricultural cooperatives, known as the JA Group, plays a pivotal role in the structure and economics of Japan’s agricultural sector1 Although there is no legal requirement to join the JA Group, all Japanese farmers belong to the organization. JA Group has a...
INTRODUCTION For years, food nutrition labeling had not been compulsory in Japan. In response to consumers’ increasing concerns about food safety, however, the Japanese government, which many perceive as the slowest among major advanced countries, introduced a compulsory nutrition labeling...
(A subsidy program for protecting livestock farmers from a sharp rise in feeding costs:) 1.      Introduction Japan does not have an advantage in the production of feeding crops because of its humid climate and mountainous geography. Thus, Japanese livestock...
Country: Japan Topic: Production policy
Yoshihisa Godo Professor, Meiji Gakuin University, Japan   Introduction Farmers are exposed to the risk of injury from the misuse of agricultural machinery and occupational diseases such as poisoning from agricultural chemicals. In addition, the percentage of the aged, who require...