Yoshihisa Godo

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INTRODUCTION Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is one of the of the greatest food safety concerns among Japanese consumers. The outbreak of BSE-infected cows in September 2001 in Japan awakened consumers’ anxiety about the safety of beef. Consumers became more concerned about how beef...
Introduction Japanese agricultural cooperatives serve important functions in the rural community. In addition to agricultural services, they provide several services required in daily life, such as banking and arrangement of family ceremonies. Each agricultural cooperative has its own...
Introduction The Japanese government provides various forms of legal support for agricultural cooperatives. One of the most substantial considerations is the special treatment in the anti-monopoly policy, whereby agricultural cooperatives are allowed to escape from certain regulations of the...
Introduction Japan has a strict traceability system for beef products. Using a unique identification number labeled on a beef product, consumers can get detailed information on the beef cow from which the beef product was made. This paper provides a brief history and a concise description of the...
ABSTRACT Japan has a unique system of agricultural cooperatives, known as JA. This study presents the updated estimates of JA’s share in the agricultural input and output markets. This study also calculates indicators for the economic solidarity of JA’s network. The estimation results show that...