Yoshihisa Godo

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ABSTRACT The pattern of global food trade changed dramatically between the pre- and post-WWII periods. Before WWII, developed countries colonialized today’s developing countries and imported mainly primary products, including foods, from them. In contrast, after WWII, developed countries became...
Country: Japan Topic: Production policy
INTRODUCTION Rice is a staple food in Japan. Consumers are sensitive about the variety of rice, its location, and time of harvest, when they are purchasing rice or foods containing rice from a retailer or if they are dining at a restaurant. However, these aspects are difficult to judge from the...
Introduction Gene recombination technology has generated both expectation and anxiety among its many followers. On the one hand, this new technology demonstrates a potential for increasing agricultural productivity. On the other hand, it enhances the risk of damaging the natural environment and...
Introduction Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture in Japan, agriculture being one of its main industries. Unlike the other 46 prefectures, large-size farming is dominant in Hokkaido. Many farms here suffer from labor shortage. This is because Japanese laborers’ lifestyle is so urbanized that...
INTRODUCTION The provision of clean and safe water is one of the most basic public services offered by local governments. One of the major concerns of local governments during Japan's era of high economic growth in the 1970s is related to how they would satisfy the increasing water demand from...
Country: Japan Topic: Others