The Policy Content of Implementing Food Agriculture Education in Japan In recent years, with the development of Japanese society, the proportion of middle-aged people with metabolic syndrome has been increasing. In addition to the adult population, the problem of children's obesity also needs...
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Forests and forest administration in the republic of Korea The Korean peninsula is located between 33˚ 7´ and 43˚ 1´ N Latitude, and 124˚ 11´ and 131˚ 53´ E longitude at the heart of the North Western Pacific, sharing a border with China and Russia to the north and lying...
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INTRODUCTION Indonesia has experienced the greatest economic growth among Southeast Asian countries. The GDP grew by 5.0% in the first half of 2017 and is likely to come in at 5.1% in 2017 and 5.3% in 2018 (Asian Development Bank, 2017). However, agriculture made up 13.7 % of the total Indonesia...
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INTRODUCTION The mushroom industry has caught the attention of entrepreneurs, especially the young ones. There are 17 types of mushroom that are suitable for growth in Malaysia, whereby seven of them can be commercially produced. The grey oyster, black jelly, shiitake and Ganoderma mushrooms are...
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INTRODUCTION Social farming has emerged as an innovative approach to address social needs by adopting a view of multifunctional agriculture. Despite its appearance from the grassroots as early as in the 13th century, it is not yet a well-established or organized system. Social farming refers to...
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