Zhen Zhong

School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University of China
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Assistant Professor

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Introduction As known to us, potatoes are vegetables. However, potatoes can also fill our belly without other foods. Hence, more and more people see potatoes as one kind of food. In response to this trend, China recently planned to launch a potato staple strategy so that the crop could become the...
Introduction China's economy has entered into an era of “New Normal”. The supply-side structural reform was proposed to cut excessive industrial capacity, destock, de-leverage, lower corporate costs and improve weak links. And the 2016 Central Rural Work Conference confirmed that...
Inrtoduction In 2013, China’s grain output recorded its 10th consecutive year of growth, and the farmers’ income registered the 10th consecutive year of rapid increase. The agricultural sector and the rural economy made new progress while maintaining stability, and played an important...
Country: China Topic: Overview
INTRODUCTION To implement The Law on Agro-Technical Popularization of the People`s Republic of China and other CPC Central Committee documents to advance Reform and Construction of Grass-roots-level Agro-tech Popularization, in 2013, the central finances allocated 2.6 billion yuan to launch...
INTRODUCTION The CPC Central Committee’s Document No.1 asked to improve rural financial services,increase national support and guidance to rural financial reform,increase commercial financial support to farmers,and give full play to the role of policy and cooperation finance,and to ensure...
Country: China Topic: Agricultural finance