Zhen Zhong

School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University of China
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Assistant Professor

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INTRODUCTION By the end of 2013, wholesale markets of agro-product numbered more than 4,400 nationwide, generating an annual trade volume 0f 3.2 trillion yuan. In terms of large-scale wholesale markets, figures of the National Bureau of Statistics showed that there were 1044 specialized agro-...
INTRODUCTION Modern plant production system is a new type of crop pest and disease prevention and relief system tasked with serving modern agriculture and supported by modern equipment, human resource and policy. It is also aimed at sustainable treatment of crop pests and diseases as required by...
INTRODUCTION In 2013, affected by multiple factors including abnormal climate, there broke out various kinds of crop diseases and pests in several levels.  This seriously threatend the safety of agricultural production. Major wheat pests and diseases erupted early and severely; rice plant...
INTRODUCTION Development of urban modern agriculture saw remarkable results The guiding philosophy of developing urban modern agriculture was first clarified. Fuzhou issued two documents, namely, Opinion on Advancing Development of Urban Modern Agriculture and 2013-2020 Plan on Urban Modern...
Agricultural cultural heritage refers to a unique agricultural production system that was created during the coexistence between human beings and the environment in which they lived in and has been preserved since its creation. The production system consists of rich agro-biodiversity, traditional...