Zhen Zhong

School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University of China
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Assistant Professor

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INTRODUCTION The program for subsidizing early processing of agro-products was initiated in 2012.  Funded by the central budget under which a fixed subsidy that was no more than 30 percent of the construction cost of relevant facility was granted after its completion.  This was intended...
INTRODUCTION   China’s agro-processing industry saw a sound momentum of rapid development despite a tough progress in global economic recovery, greater downturn pressure on domestic economy and frequent occurrence of natural disasters. Both of the added industrial value of agro-products and its...
Country: China Topic: Overview
Recently, China’s agricultural industrialization maintained a sound momentum of rapid development, with accelerating industrial transition and continuous institutional innovation, making a positive contribution to economic stability and growth, structural upgrading and reforms in rural areas. By...
Country: China Topic: Overview
In 2013, the mechanism continued to be implemented in 13 provinces and autonomous regions, with greater national investments that totaled 15.946 billion yuan across the whole year. It has been the biggest and most widely covered policy program with the largest beneficiaries in Chin’s...
An important part of socialized agricultural services is called, socialized services of agricultural machinery, it means various operation services provided by agricultural machinery organizations and individuals for other agricultural products, such as mechanized plowing, sowing, harvesting,...