Zhen Zhong

School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University of China
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Assistant Professor

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Introduction In recent years, local governments have sincerely implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, to promote rural infrastructure construction and urban- rural equalization of basic public services. As a result the...
Country: China Topic: Rural development
Introduction Since ancient times, family support for the elderly has been a traditional pension pattern. With the gradual disintegration of the peasant economy and the implementation of the family planning policy, only family support is not enough.  We also need the support of the social...
Introduction China is the first country to plant commercial GM (genetically modified) crops in world: China began to plant GM tobacco of cucumber Mosaic virus resistance genes and tobacco mosaic virus genes in 1992, which is two years earlier than America’s first commercial crops--...
Country: China Topic: Overview
INTRODUCTION Agricultural finance is an important part of the Chinese financial system, which supports and serves the development of agriculture issues, farmers and the rural area. In recent years, Agricultural finance in China has improved a lot, developing a diversified and perfect financial...
Country: China Topic: Agricultural finance
Introduction Household Registration System, forming in the planned economy era, has become a major obstacle to society’s development. In the era of mass migration movements, this lagged system led to large numbers of people in the separation with their registered household, which caused severe...