Zhen Zhong

School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University of China
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Assistant Professor

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Tropical germplasm resources are an important part of biodiversity and the material basis for sustainable development of tropical agriculture. China is rich in germplasm resources, which account for one-third of the country’s total plant species. In order to further promote the conservation and...
On March 8, 2013, the State Council published Several Advices on Promoting Marine Sustainable and Healthy Development. It is the first time that a state-level marine fishery development document, and the second time that a comprehensive fishery document since CPC and the State Council published...
Country: China Topic: Fisheries
Bio-safety disposal of dead animals is important to sustainable and healthy development of animal husbandry industry, public health and safety, and ecological environment safety. Leaders of the State Council attached high importance to this matter, and made instructions as “emphasizing on reform...
In recent years, the MoA (Ministry of Agriculture) attached high importance, took effective measures and strengthened its work to achieve remarkable results in farmland quality building and management. This played an important role in securing national food safety.   On the one hand, the...
Introduction In recent years, different regions and departments strictly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC (Communist of Party of China) Central Committee and the State Council, to promote rural infrastructure and rural equalization of basic public services, and...
Country: China Topic: Rural development