Jeong-bin Im

Jeong-bin Im

Jeong-Bin Im is Professor of Department of Agricultural Eonomics and Rural Development in College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University. Professor Im holds Ph. D. in Agricultural and Resources Economics from the University of Maryland at College Park (U.S.A) after having M.A and B.A. from Seoul National University.

His academic research and publication covers a wide range of agricultural policy and trade topics such as agricultural direct payment program, WTO and Free Trade Agreement(FTA) issues. He is contributing to many academic journals, as editorial board member for Journal of Korean Agricultural Policy, Journal of Korean Livestock Management and as Editor-in-chief for Journal of Korean Agricultural Economics.

In addition, he has advised several developing country governments, international organizations as well as various Korean ministries on agricultural policy and trade issues. Professor Im is currently working, among others, as Chair for Evaluation of FTA Compensation System Forum and Chair for Dietary Education Forum, and served as a Member of Presidential Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Policy.

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文章連結: 摘要 韓國政府的「農村生活品質政策」已經建立制度,目的是維持農村居民與都市住民擁有同樣的生活品質。因此,「農村生活品質政策」持續以提高農村在衛生、福利、教育、與文化等領域的品質,以及提升公共服務的供應水準為目標在執行。隨著近年來韓國農村地區社會空間和人口的變化,農村居民對政策的需求也同時產生重大的改變。在此過程中,韓國政府也在努力改善政策執行方法、詳細的評估手段和回饋系統的研擬等,以因應這些相關的社會變化。 關鍵字:農村生活品質、農村生活品質政策、農村政策
Country: Korea Topic: Rural development
文章連結: 摘要 在稻米的收入補償計畫更改為基本直接給付後,農民非常擔心稻米價格的變化會更為劇烈,韓國政府修改了現行的「穀物管理法」,以消除農民的擔憂,並期盼可成功地改革公用途的支付計畫。在修訂後的法律中,韓國政府更詳細地規定了政府可以收購和出售的條件,雖然可降低稻米價格波動的效果,但同時也導致了稻米結構性供過於求的副作用。 關鍵字:稻米政策、穀物管理法、公用途直接給付計畫
Country: Korea Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT The quality of rural life policy has been institutionally established for the purpose of maintaining the quality of life for rural residents equitably with urban people. Therefore, this policy has been continuously pursued with the aim of not only improving the quality of rural life...
Country: Korea Topic: Rural development