INITIATIVE TO IMPLEMENT POLICIES TO ACCUMULATE, CONSOLIDATE LAND AND DEVELOP COMMODITY AGRICULTURE IN THE RED RIVER DELTA Ha Nam in recent years is known as an experienced locality in consolidating, accumulating land, attracting private enterprises to invest in agriculture and develop high-tech...
INTRODUCTION After participating in the WTO, agricultural products in Vietnam must meet the increasingly stricter commodity standards of importing countries. At the same time, safe food production and trading are an imperative requirement and also a concern of consumers and the whole community....
ABSTRACT Precision Agriculture (PA) is a key component of the agricultural digitization and means to apply the exact and correct amount of inputs like water, fertilizers, pesticides etc. at the correct time to the crop for increasing its productivity and maximizing its yields. It provides...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Hanoi is one of topped pig production as well as consumption in Vietnam. However, the pig is mainly produced by small scale producers. The large scale farms which raised over 500 pigs accounted for only 0.15% while the small-scale producers with less than 100 pigs account for 62%. Even...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Agriculture
INTRODUCTION   The development of agriculture, farmers and rural areas is a major policy of the Communist party and State of Vietnam to implement the country's socio-economic development and contribute to implementing effectively the UN Millennium Development Goals. It has been more than...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Rural development