ABSTRACT In Vietnam, at present, the area for dragon fruit (DF-pitaya) is about 45,450 ha with a total production of 587,968 tons and the average DF area per household is 0.5- 1 ha. Unfortunately, producers of DF have seen prices of fruits decline since the product mainly are sold to local...
ABSTRACT In Vietnam, the total production area of dragon fruit is approximately 50.000 ha with White Flesh variety accounting for about 95% and Red Flesh variety accounting for about 5%. Dragon fruit is mainly grown in Binh Thuan, Long An and Tien Giang provinces with more than 37.000 ha. The...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Vietnamese agriculture reforms were embedded into general economic reforms (Doi Moi) in 1986, enabling the country’s transition toward a market economy. Since 1988, they were implemented incrementally together with complementary instruments such as agricultural market liberalization and...
INTRODUCTION Vietnam in the past 30 years has implemented successful policies of national food security. The country has even become an ASEAN leading exporter of agricultural products. Nevertheless, Vietnam today is facing challenges of modernizing its agriculture to serve its integration into...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Rural development
ABSTRACT In recent years, coffee has been Vietnam's important agricultural export product. Vietnam's coffee production always leads the world in Robusta coffee. In the past two years, the export of processed coffee has increased significantly in comparison with that of coffee beans, but the...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Agribusiness