ABSTRACT Agroecology is a method of cultivating crops based on taking advantage of available natural resources to grow crops. Agroecology has the ability to create a better food sources for health, protect the health of producers, help improve yields, reduce production costs and protect natural...
ABSTRACT Urban agriculture not only ensures the requirements of labor and income settlement for a large number of urban and peri-urban populations to produce agricultural products that meet both quantity and improved quality in the direction of food safety and hygiene, but it also plays a more...
ABSTRACT Agricultural production towards an oriented market is generally exposed to a variety of risks that may lead to income fluctuations. Correct identification of the risk variety will be a very important base for making good management decisions to minimize their negative effects. Results...
ABSTRACT Rice is one of the most important agricultural commodities in Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the three major exporting countries in the world with total rice exports accounting for 13.6% of the world. Dong Thap is one of rice export provinces in the Mekong delta. Majority of producers are...
ABSTRACT The article presents the current situation of the export rice industry as well as the market structural changes of Vietnam's rice exports between 2010 and 2020. By analyzing the process of changing the structure of rice exports by value and market, it is obvious that Vietnamese rice has...