ABSTRACT The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in global-scale changes to the flower industry and consumer habits, including those in Japan. Present report examined the situation in Japan according to production data and consumption patterns before and after the pandemic. The results indicate that...
ABSTRACT This paper describes a unique style of small-scale farming practiced by Kenji Maeda, a full-time herb farmer in Japan, who resides in a local town, but has customers all over the country. He believes that his customers should enjoy the process of growing herbs in their homes. Based on...
Country: Japan Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT There has been a conventional distribution channel in Japan’s agricultural industry. However, due to IT infrastructure development and lifestyle changes in consumers, e-commerce businesses have been growing rapidly and are now popular together with other important sectors in Japan. In...
ABSTRACT Japan has a unique place in the history of futures trading, as the Dojima Rice Market in Osaka, established in 1697 and authorized in 1730, is said to be the first case in the world that a futures market for any commodity was operated under the official government permission. This...
ABSTRACT In the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which occurred in March 2011. Radioactive materials spread from the power plant continue to remain in the farmlands of Fukushima. Consequently, consumers are reluctant to purchase agricultural products from Fukushima, causing...