ABSTRACT Japanese pork production remained flat in recent years, but number of pig farms have decreased and farm size in each farm has increased. In order to improve their production performance, many farms keep their records such as mating, farrowing, and weaning events of sows and mortality or...
Country: Japan Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Farmnote challenge started form 6 years ago in Japan. At present, we have achieved significant growth by providing herd management systems and sensors for diary and beef farm in Japan. Introduce case examples of Farmnote that provide IoT solutions for dairy and beef farm. We will show how...
Country: Japan Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been introduced into Japanese dairy farming positively in order to improve productivity and to solve the Japanese issues those are lack of workers, prevention of heat load, control of epidemic and so on. Dairy farming is the most...
Country: Japan Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Tropical fruits are getting more and more popular in Japan. Historically banana is the top imported product in Japan. Due to local production of tropical fruits such as mango, Japanese consumers have more chances to purchase tropical fruits. According to the government's statistics of...
Country: Japan Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT Japan’s general indirect tax, known as the Consumption Tax (CT), will undergo a comprehensive reform on October 1, 2019. The tax reform covers four major areas. First, the CT rate will increase from 8% to 10%. Second, the CT system will be converted from the long-lived single-rate...
Country: Japan Topic: Overview