ABSTRACT In 2012, the Japanese government launched a new program, under which those who generate electric power from natural energy sources, such as sunlight, are given the privilege to sell it to major electric power companies at favorable prices fixed by the government. This program, known as...
ABSTRACT The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) established the Research Center for Agricultural Information Technology in October 2018 to lead data-driven agriculture. The research center’s missions are agricultural AI study, the operation of agricultural data...
Country: Japan Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT In Japan, heated debates take place on whether and how the country should accept unskilled foreign laborers. The Japanese government’s long-held principle that these laborers should not be allowed to work in Japan reflects citizens’ anxiety about the threat to job opportunities and...
ABSTRACT The scale of animal farming in Japan has changed significantly over recent decades, with a move towards larger, more intensive, primarily due to market pressures. This change has resulted in demand for technologies that can reduce costs and labor inputs while increasing farm productivity...
Country: Japan Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT Japanese pork production remained flat in recent years, but number of pig farms have decreased and farm size in each farm has increased. In order to improve their production performance, many farms keep their records such as mating, farrowing, and weaning events of sows and mortality or...
Country: Japan Topic: Smart agriculture