Regional agricultural economy

ABSTRACT The Singapore-Riau leg of SIJORI is useful as a case study for analyzing agricultural exchanges in sub-regionalism. The 2000s saw the take-off stage of SIJORI with agri-businesses taking off in some of the Riau Archipelago’s constituents and there was also diversity in the types of...
ABSTRACT An arm of the Andaman Sea in the southern part of Myanmar, Gulf of Mottama Region (GoM), is supporting both coastal population and agricultural productivity in Bago Region and Mon State. The livelihoods in the rural sector depend on agriculture, livestock, and fishing and self-...
INTRODUCTION Asian countries cultivate almost 28 % of the total coffee beans produced in the world (World Atlas, 2016). It’s known for producing some of the world’s greatest and most unique coffees. The taste of Vietnamese or Indonesian coffee, for example, are two flavors that some...
INTRODUCTION Farm economy in Korea has long been said to suffer from “double squeezing” in lowered revenue along with increased operation costs, which is believed to have a negative impact on the sector’s long-term sustainability and re-productivity. In addition, a sign of income equality being...