Shwe Mar Than

Advance Centre of Agriculture and Rural Education, Yezin Agricultural University
Job Title
Deputy Director

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ABSTRACT The study was carried out to analyze personal, socio-economic, and communication variables of the cotton farmers to assess perception and adoption of recommended cotton cultivation practices. Data were collected from randomly selected 125 respondents in five villages in Yamethin...
ABSTRACT In Myanmar, vegetable production is a major component of food safety strategy. Cabbage is such a vegetable vastly attacked by various kinds of pests. Wide and unsystematic use of pesticides and thus their residues are the main challenge for food safety. Inadequate food safety knowledge...
ABSTRACT Chemical fertilizers play an important role in increasing agricultural production. Applying the right source of nutrients at the right time can minimize cost, increase yield and optimize profits. This study was carried out to identify nitrogen fertilizer application practices in monsoon...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT This study aimed to find out the socio-economic status of rice farmers; to determine the knowledge and attitude towards certified rice seeds and to analyze the financial profitability of rice production. A total of 133 sample farmers were selected from 5 villages in Lewe Township by...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Land degradation in the form of soil erosion is a major issue in ensuring food security and sustainability in agriculture. The reduction of soil erosion depends a lot on the use of soil conservation practices. The study attempted to assess the factors influencing farmer’s adoption of...