Agricultural risk management

ABSTRACT The negative impacts of global climate change have been enormously affecting the performance of agricultural production lately. Rice farmers and other food crops producers have also been suffered from flood, drought, and pest and disease infestations caused by such natural disaster...
ABSTRACT Crop insurance in South Korea has played an important role for stable farm management since 2001 with two crops, apple and pear, as an initial demonstration of insurance. It has been expanded to fifty crops as of 2016. As the number of crops which is covered by agricultural insurance is...
ABSTRACT Environmental uncertainties are externalities part that had been measured in many economic models yet still cannot be estimated in an accurate manner. This resulted in loss of millions of dollars, and in turn affects the household income of the farmers in Malaysia. During the years...
ABSTRACT Vietnam is one of countries predicted to be among the most affected by climate change due to its geographic location, long coastlines, heavy reliance on agriculture, natural resources and forestry. Climate change has a clear impact on all sectors including economic, social and human...
ABSTRACT Crop natural disaster insurance program in Korea has rapidly grown not only in quantity but in quality for 15 years since it was introduced in 2001. Number of agricultural items covered by the program was expanded from two in 2001 to 46 in 2015 and number of participating farmers...