Nguyen Thi Phuong

Center for Applied Economic Research, Kasetsart University

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INTRODUCTION Thailand is an agricultural country with a total area of about 51.31 million hectares. More than 23.88 million hectares are used for agricultural production, which is equivalent to 46.54% of the country’s total agriculture land (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment,...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agribusiness
​​​​​​Introduction The use of agricultural pesticides has strongly increased in Southeast Asia as well as in most other developing and developed countries (Schreinemachers, 2012). In Southeast Asia this trend has been driven by land use intensification related to the expansion of higher value crop...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agriculture
INTRODUCTION Today, the threats and challenges of the environment operating on food production are not limited to each country or region but most often than not, manifest on a global scale. One of the major challenges of our times is climate change—the continuing increase An ADB Report in...
ABSTRACT Vietnam is one of countries predicted to be among the most affected by climate change due to its geographic location, long coastlines, heavy reliance on agriculture, natural resources and forestry. Climate change has a clear impact on all sectors including economic, social and human...