Jeong-bin Im

Jeong-bin Im

Jeong-Bin Im is Professor of Department of Agricultural Eonomics and Rural Development in College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University. Professor Im holds Ph. D. in Agricultural and Resources Economics from the University of Maryland at College Park (U.S.A) after having M.A and B.A. from Seoul National University.

His academic research and publication covers a wide range of agricultural policy and trade topics such as agricultural direct payment program, WTO and Free Trade Agreement(FTA) issues. He is contributing to many academic journals, as editorial board member for Journal of Korean Agricultural Policy, Journal of Korean Livestock Management and as Editor-in-chief for Journal of Korean Agricultural Economics.

In addition, he has advised several developing country governments, international organizations as well as various Korean ministries on agricultural policy and trade issues. Professor Im is currently working, among others, as Chair for Evaluation of FTA Compensation System Forum and Chair for Dietary Education Forum, and served as a Member of Presidential Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Policy.

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摘要 韓國40歲以下之農場經營者占全體農場經營者的比例小於2%,而65歲以上農場經營者之比率高達40%。鼓勵青年從農是韓國政府重要政策之一,為鼓勵青年從事農業工作,政府應促進農業企業精神與管理。本文檢視韓國青年人從事農業活動之現況,以及其所遭遇到的困難。本文也檢視韓國從事農業與農企業青年之特徵,並將他們區分為繼承家業者,以及由都市搬遷至農村地區並從事農業者。本文也分析目前高中和大學的教育現況,以及中央和地方政府促進青年從農的政策。   關鍵字:青年農戶、開始從事農業、由城市遷往鄉村者、農業相關企業、農企業承繼者、創業輔助計畫   前言...
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