Trends after TPP agreement outline agreement   [Conditions of TPP entry into force] When a country has completed its domestic treaty-making processes, it will notify other TPP countries that it has done all that is required for the Agreement to enter into force. The Trans-Pacific...
INTRODUCTION The Japan Agricultural Cooperative (JA) group has played a pivotal role in Japan’s agriculture while it has been criticized as the main factor which prevents the fundamental reform of agricultural structure and the trade liberalization in the era of free trade. The JA has...
Introduction Wild animals pose problems to Japanese farmers, as they often enter farmlands and eat agricultural products. The damage caused by wild animals was recently estimated to cost farmers around 20 billion yen per year1. Electric fences are a popular countermeasure against wild animals....
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INTRODUCTION It is important for stabilizing rice farmer’s management to maintain the order of markets and to expand stable dealings between farmer’s organizations which engage in shipping rice and distributors on behalf of food industries. Recent shifts, however, has changed...
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INTRODUCTION Rice has occupied the position of national food for a long time in Japan, and the Japanese has taken the large part of their carbohydrates from it. Rice has been utilized for human consumption, and only the disposal of it has been used for feeds. As the consumption of rice is...
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