Dao The Anh

Dao The Anh

Dao The Anh is Vice-President of Vietnamese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS).

With PhD (2004) in Agricultural, Rural and Food Economics in Montpellier, France and Engineer diploma in Agronomy at Hanoi Agricultural University, Dao The Anh has developed a carrier of 30 years in research for development focusing on agricultural economics, policies, family farming, agro-ecology, food safety, agri-food value chain governance and rural development.

He is also Vice-President of Vietnam Science for Rural Development Association, Editor in Chief of Vietnam Journal of Sciences and Technology. He is recently nominated as Head of Agriculture, Hydraulic session in Vietnam Encyclopaedia Edition Board.

Latest Submission of the Author

ABSTRACT Vietnamese agriculture reforms were embedded into general economic reforms (Doi Moi) in 1986, enabling the country’s transition toward a market economy. Since 1988, they were implemented incrementally together with complementary instruments such as agricultural market liberalization and...
INTRODUCTION Vietnam in the past 30 years has implemented successful policies of national food security. The country has even become an ASEAN leading exporter of agricultural products. Nevertheless, Vietnam today is facing challenges of modernizing its agriculture to serve its integration into...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Rural development
​​​​​​ABSTRACT Over the past 20 years, Vietnam has changed the Law of Cooperatives 3 times with the aim of finding the most appropriate organizational model of production to support for household agriculture development. After the 2012 Cooperative Law came out into society, old cooperatives had...
ABSTRACT Vietnam has gained many achievements in the research and development of new varieties of green revolution.  New plant varieties are what brought success to Vietnam’s agriculture over the decades, especially rice varieties. Although the legal documents on the protection of...
ABSTRACT The surveyed results showed that Vietnam's 2003 Land Law still imposes strict ceilings on land ownership so that opportunities to consolidate and expand farming operations through the land sale market are very limited. In 2009 there were 150,102 commercial farms throughout the country,...