Agricultural circular economy

ABSTRACT The phenomenon that Taiwan has the worst drought in a 100-year period and subsequent torrential rains in 2021 proves that climate change is happening and human beings need to respond actively. Net-zero carbon emissions has become a global trend and Taiwan has set this as a national goal...
ABSTRACT Sawdust is a major ingredient for cultivation of edible mushrooms. In Taiwan, the annual demand of sawdust for mushroom production has increased to more than 350,000 tons in recent years.  Using sawdust for mushroom production is not only expensive but is also harmful to the...
ABSTRACT Based on a case study of cassava analysis, this study described food loss along the cassava supply chain. Overall food loss in Thailand at the processing level was very limited. In addition, the electricity generation and biofuel produced from biogas from the cassava and starch factory...
ABSTRACT Technologies related to eco-feeds have been largely developed in Japan in this century. Eco-feeds  have been defined as the use of co-products for animal feeding. Co-products include by-products generated from food industries, surplus and wastes generated in the processes of...
ABSTRACT The population of the world is ever-growing. It is expected to reach 10 billion in 2050. To feed all those people, significant improvements in our food production systems are required. Current agricultural practices have proven damaging to ecological systems worldwide, leading to...