Dao The Anh

Dao The Anh

Dao The Anh is Vice-President of Vietnamese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS).

With PhD (2004) in Agricultural, Rural and Food Economics in Montpellier, France and Engineer diploma in Agronomy at Hanoi Agricultural University, Dao The Anh has developed a carrier of 30 years in research for development focusing on agricultural economics, policies, family farming, agro-ecology, food safety, agri-food value chain governance and rural development.

He is also Vice-President of Vietnam Science for Rural Development Association, Editor in Chief of Vietnam Journal of Sciences and Technology. He is recently nominated as Head of Agriculture, Hydraulic session in Vietnam Encyclopaedia Edition Board.

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Introduction Vietnam’s New Rural Development program (NRD) is a comprehensive program that has been implemented nationwide (in nearly 10,000 communes) for a long period, from 2010 until 2020. Due to its significance, large investments have been mobilized from different resources (from the...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Rural development
ABSTRACT Agricultural cooperatives (ACs) have an important role in supporting the linkage between their members and trading enterprises. This paper presents a study result of roles of ACs in joint production –consumption linkage model related to large-scale rice field (LSRF) in Mekong Delta...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Production policy
ABSTRACT In Vietnam, at present, the area for dragon fruit (DF-pitaya) is about 45,450 ha with a total production of 587,968 tons and the average DF area per household is 0.5- 1 ha. Unfortunately, producers of DF have seen prices of fruits decline since the product mainly are sold to local...
ABSTRACT In Vietnam, the total production area of dragon fruit is approximately 50.000 ha with White Flesh variety accounting for about 95% and Red Flesh variety accounting for about 5%. Dragon fruit is mainly grown in Binh Thuan, Long An and Tien Giang provinces with more than 37.000 ha. The...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Production policy
ABSTRACT Vietnamese agriculture reforms were embedded into general economic reforms (Doi Moi) in 1986, enabling the country’s transition toward a market economy. Since 1988, they were implemented incrementally together with complementary instruments such as agricultural market liberalization and...