ABSTRACT In Korea, farm operators in their 40s and younger account for less than 2% of total farm operators, while the proportion of farm operators aged 65 and above reaches 40%. The young generation’s entry into farming is one of the important policies that the Korean government is focusing...
Country: Korea Topic: Agribusiness
THE POLICY CONTENT ON IMPLEMENTING FOOD AGRICULTURE EDUCATION IN SOUTH KOREA With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing awareness of healthcare, there is a greater demand for food safety. In the recent 10 years, South Korea's obesity population has increased by 1.6...
ABSTRACT   MAFRA established a ‘Five-year Comprehensive Plan for the 3rd Foreign Agricultural Resources Development (`18~`22)’. This plan is to change the direction of foreign agricultural development into developing various crops, help the expansion of related industry, and support...
ABSTRACT Since the late 2000s, the Korean government has been making aggressive efforts to increase exports of agricultural products. As a result, agricultural exports have nearly tripled over the past decade. This article examined the structure of Korea's agricultural export support system...
Country: Korea Topic: Agribusiness
INTRODUCTION Agriculture plays a crucial role in the stages of economic development. In addition, agriculture has transformed from the individual level to a commercial scale with the growth of the economy. On the other hand, Korea's agriculture has changed very rapidly over the last 60 years....
Country: Korea Topic: Overview