ABSTRACT REDD+ is an acronym for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (plus: role of conservation, sustainable management of forest carbon stocks in developing countries). REDD+ are measures designed to use financial incentives to reduce emissions from greenhouse gases,...
Country: Indonesia Topic: Forestry
ABSTRACT Korea is a country that has succeeded in reforestation. Now, our people are living in green forests with various benefits. Korea Forest Service (KFS) played a major role to make forests at the current level. This article was prepared to introduce Korean forest policies that contributed...
Country: Korea Topic: Forestry
INTRODUCTION Populations of the world’s tropical coastal zones have traditionally used mangrove resources for subsistence as well as commercial purposes. In Southeast Asia, mangrove region alone, 41% of plant species from mangroves are used for medicine, 25% for construction materials, 22% as...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Forestry
Decision No 178/2001 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on the benefits and obligations of households and individuals when they are allocated, leased or contracted with forests and forestry land. This decision regulates the benefits and obligations of households and individuals who are allocated,...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Forestry
Introduction The forestry sector is a specific sector, which has an important role in economic development, social security and ecological environment. Currently, the sector is managing 16.24 million hectares of forests and forest land, accounting for about half the total area of ​​the national...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Forestry