Carl Rookie O. Daquio

Socio-Economics Research Division (SERD), Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD), Department of Science and Technology (DOST)

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Republic Act 10121: An Approach in Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in the Philippines[1]   Princess Alma B. Ani, Carl Rookie O. Daquio, and Albert P. Aquino[2]   Introduction The Philippines as an archipelago is highly exposed to natural hazards...
Executive Order No. 26: Towards a Greener Philippines[1]   Albert P. Aquino and Carl Rookie O. Daquio[2]   Introduction Historically, the Philippines had lost at least 80% of its original forest cover since the 16th century (Remollino, 2004). In fact, forest cover decreased by...
CBFM: A National Strategy for Sustainable Forest Management[1] Albert P. Aquino and Carl Rookie O. Daquio[2]   INTRODUCTION Context Forests used to be one of the richest natural resources in the Philippines. In fact, in 1900, more than 70%, on average, of the island’s total...
National Food Authority: Its Role in Price Stability and Food Security [1] Albert P. Aquino, Carl Rookie O. Daquio and Princess Alma B. Ani[2] Introduction Rice is a major agricultural commodity in the country.  More than two million households or roughly 10 million Filipinos are...